‘Please Learn from my Story, See How I almost got kidnapped because of money’ – Actress Juliana Olayode Toyo Baby recounts

Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode has recounted how she was almost kidnapped because of her greed for money, Praizemedia report.

The movie star, via her Instagram page, narrated how she got into a car while returning from her boss’s office years back, unknowingly that she was sitting with a ritualist.


According to her, they had claimed someone left dollars in the boot and had asked if she was interested in sharing the money with them, to which she indicated her interest.

They drove her to a location, requesting she brought her mother’s gold.

“I have someone who helps us to wash clothes, when the rope for sunning cut, I gave him money to get a new one, but he stayed long which kept us all worried.

When he returned, he narrated how he entered a bus where he almost got scammed”.

I remembered I had a similar experience when returning from her boss’s office years back, I entered a bus where they claimed someone left money in the boot and they wanted to share it.

Unknowingly to me, these people were ritualists. When we got to the location of sharing the money, they asked me to bring my mother’s gold”, she said.

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