“People are really suffering” – Man expresses shock as over 200 Nigerians men apply to donate sperm for 900,000 (See Proof)

A man from Benue state, Ukan Kurugh, has raised alarm over the population of Nigerian men that volunteered to donate sperm in exchange for Naira cash.

This comes after Ukan posted a post on Thursday, February 1, stating the urgent need for sperm donor with financial reward of N900,000.

The post reads, “Sperm donor needed in Abuja. Volunteer must be AA and disease free. Pay is 900k. Treat as urgent, you can even donate two jerrycans”.

According to Ukah, he has received messages of over 200 Nigerian men showing their interests in donating sperm.

Ukan Kurugh, known for his humanitarian efforts, expressed his surprise and concern in a post on Friday, pointing out the economic hardships people in the country are facing.

He observed that the strong response to the sperm donation request reflects how far Nigerians are willing to go for financial stability in the tough economy.

The humanitarian also recognized the unfortunate reality of people selling assets to make ends meet.

He wrote, “It’s obvious that people are suffering in this country and will do anything to get money,’ he wrote in a post on Friday.”

“The post I made about sperm donation has finish my inbox with over 210 people waiting for address/location. When women are donating eggs, it’s the men that usually come hard on them but men are gradually taking over.”

“The sad reality is people can sell whatever possible to keep life going for them. It’s indeed sad and we can only hope for the better with the sad situation of the economy right now.”

See his posts below:

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