Drama on a movie set as actress Olayinka Solomon gets assaulted following a statement uttered by a crew member (Watch)

A video is making the rounds on social media that reveals the moment Nollywood actress Olayinka Solomon created a scene on a movie set.

In the clip that hits the internet, actress Olayinka Solomon gets irritated and by extension, drama ensues following a statement uttered to her by a crew member.

The highly endowed actress was seated reading through her script for the movie while on the set when one fo the male crew walks upt to her.

Speaking in Yoruba Language, one of the male crew who needed to supply light while on the movie set gets actress Olayinka Soloman enraged over the way he used his Yoruba Language while talking to the actress.

Instead of the male crew on the movie set to say he would like to pass the wire beneath actress Olayinka Solomon, it was on the contrary.

The crew member while speaking said he would bombard what is under the actress with fire.

This, however, did not go down well with actress Olayinka Soloman who even got more angry when the crew member repeated it.

The whole movie set resulted in a state of hullabaloo as the aggressive actress Olayinka Soloman refused to be calm and then was seen carrying kegs to disrupt things leading to chaos as she felt assaulted by the man.

Watch the video below;

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