‘They’re lying to me that my dad is gone, he’s just sleeping’ – Little boy says at his father’s burial

An emotional video which surfaced online captures the moment a little Nigerian boy refused to believe his father passed away despite being at his burial, Praizemedia report.

The kid was having an interaction with a man at the funeral ceremony, when he accused his family members of lying to him that his dad is dead.


He opined that the man was just sleeping in the grave and if anybody wanted to confirm that he was still alive then they can wake him up.

The man he was speaking with asked him why his dad’s grave was covered with sand if he is still alive as he believes. In response, the kid affirmed that his dad was indeed buried but he seemed not to understand what a burial entails.

The boy still expressed hope that his father would stand up so that mourners would know that they were wrong for thinking he passed on.

Social media users however condemned the man for asking him such questions and for also recording the boy.

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