“Alaimoree… There is no excuse for biting the finger that fed you” – Actor Yomi Fabiyi slams Mo Bimpe

Yomi Fabiyi has slammed his former protegee, Bimpe Oyebade, known as Mo Bimpe, following the latter’s response to his viral interview, praizemedia report.

A few hours ago, Mo Bimpe replied to Yomi Fabiyi’s statement on their supposed s#xual relationship. This was after Kemi Filani reported that Yomi Fabiyi opened up on what transpired between himself and the actress.


Yomi Fabiyi lamented how he was labelled wrong regarding his issues with Mo Bimpe, whom he claimed to have trained.

The controversial actor opened up on how he met the actress, who messaged him while he was about to release a new movie.

Yomi Fabiyi claimed that meeting Mo Bimpe came when he was set to begin shooting his movie in 2016, and the latter, who was a youth corp then, showed interest in acting.

He also narrated what transpired between them, how he groomed her for the role she acted in, and how he stood in the gap to ensure the top Nollywood artists featured in the movie were not turned off by her lack of experience.

In what seemed like a response, Mo Bimpe wrote on social media that she is only available for enjoyment as she is in her soft woman era.

This did not go unnoticed by Yomi Fabiyi, who called out the actress by sharing a video of his graduating students.

With a lengthy caption, Yomi Fabiyi noted how many selfishly destroy the ladder that helps the innocent to fulfilling their destinies.

He also taunted Mo Bimpe for not acknowledging his efforts in her career, stating there is no excuse for biting the fingers that fed them.

He wrote, “You can’t buy CLASS. You can be anything, but please don’t be an INGRATE.

This is a LADDER many innocent people are climbing to fulfil their destiny. Any attempt to burn, destroy, or defame it after using it for selfish purposes will be resisted by every noble means.

There is no excuse for biting the finger that fed you or destroying the ladder you used up. Association of ingrates and users will never take over an industry that is surviving on the bedrock of a Culture of Gratitude, Culture of Respect, and Culture of Talent Discovery.

Manage your expectations and desperation. DO NOT BURN BRIDGES. It will hunt and hurt you forever. DON’T DECEIVE, DON’T LEAD PEOPLE ON, DON’T USE PEOPLE AND, DON’T DESTROY OTHERS INTENTIONALLY, DON’T CUT CORNERS. It doesn’t end well. Be positively desperate only.”

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