Saheed Balogun and Members organizes a birthday party for Baba Agbako to celebrate him as he clocks 100

Just days after the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) celebrated Baba Agbako’s 100th birthday in Abeokuta, another star-studded event took place in Lagos, Praizemedia report.

TGMAAN, a group of esteemed actors and filmmakers, took the initiative to honor the legendary actor, whose journey has spanned a century of unforgettable performances and indelible contributions to the Nigerian film industry.


The celebration, held in Lagos, serves as a testament to Baba Agbako’s enduring legacy and profound impact on Nollywood.

The birthday party was a dazzling affair, held at an upscale venue in Lagos, with guests donning their finest attire to honor the celebrated veteran actor.

Colleagues and friends from the entertainment industry, including top actors, directors, and producers, gathered to show their respect and admiration for Baba Agbako.

Saheed, President of TGMAAN, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the veteran actor for his immense impact on the film industry.

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