‘This woman deserves Guinness award’– Netizens gush as woman back Triplet conveniently

A remarkable mother astounded onlookers as she expertly carried her three precious babies using only one wrapper , Praizemedia report.

The awe-inspiring moment took place in a bustling environment, where the mother became the centre of attention for her incredible multitasking skill Many commended her for successfully managing the weight and carrying three infants while maintaining their comfort.


In a heartwarming video shared on Tiktok by @olamilekanojay, a hardworking mother was seen skillfully wrapping two of her little ones onto her back using a single piece of cloth.

At the same time, she also utilised a baby carrier to secure her third child in front of her, creating a perfectly balanced and secure arrangement.

As seen in the adorable video, the three babies were girls adorned with pretty pink bow-like head ties.

The onlookers couldn’t help but admire the mother’s ability to carry her trio of little ones effortlessly.

Their voices filled with praise and wonder as they commended her. Netizens labelled the mother as a strong woman. Others tapped into the blessing and uniqueness of having triplets.


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