‘I am happy with his condition now, He’s a bad Man’– Esabod drag actor Suebebe for being a deadbeat father

Controversial blogger, Esabod, recently took to social media to express her disappointment saying she’s happy of his current condition, Praizemedia report.

Recall that veteran actor Dayo Adewunmi, popularly known as Baba Sule Suebebe, recently appealed to Nigerians for forgiveness over his reckless lifestyle when he was younger.


In the viral video that surfaced on Sunday, the actor pleaded for forgiveness from Nigerians, especially from women he must have offended one way or another during his youthful years.

He said, “Please, I want to ask for forgiveness. Please, I want everyone I have offended to forgive me. Because when I was young, I was a musician. I enjoyed life. I don’t repeat clothes. My house was like a textile factory, to tell you how much I had clothes and shoes.

“I was just living life recklessly. I engaged in minor activities, and I was making money constantly. However, I didn’t have a mentor to warn me about my lifestyle. None of my relatives advised me. So, I saw myself as the Don.

“So, Nigerians, please. Anyone I have wronged, knowingly or unknowingly. Please forgive me. I should prostrate while begging, but my health won’t allow me. Please forgive me, especially all the women I have offended. I know I have stepped on toes regarding the issue of women,”.

Reacting to this, Esabod, known for her outspoken nature did not hold back in her criticism of Suebebe’s alleged neglect of his fatherly responsibilities. She claimed that the actor had failed to provide financial support for his child, leaving the burden on the child’s mother.

She said: “Suebebe is suffering for his sins. It is Karma. Now that he is asking for forgiveness, he is not useful again for his wife and children. He is now a liability with prostate cancer.

He was a very bad husband who abandoned his children. I am happy with his condition now. Any man that does not take care of his children will end up like him”.


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