‘Ashewo Oshi, Can you swear that it is only through acting you make your money’ – Man drag Mr Latin and Jaiye Kuti for slamming veteran actors over ‘online begging’

A lively debate has ignited on social media platforms after actress Jaiye Kuti expressed her disapproval of veteran actors resorting to online appeals for financial assistance, Praizemedia report.

Recalls that veteran Nollywood actors such as Iya Gbonkan, Lalude, and Alapani Osha, among others, have recently taken to social media to publicly seek help to improve their living conditions.


The trend seems not to have sat well with Jaiye Kuti, who took to her Instagram page to berate the older colleagues over the development.

According to her, the veteran actors only have themselves to blame for their present predicament as a result of careless financial decisions they might have made when they were younger.

She described the act as being embarrassing to her and her colleagues in the Yoruba segment of the industry.

Reacting to the actress’ outburst, one man, who goes by the name Olasho, engaged in a heated exchange with Kuti, challenging her to swear that acting is her sole source of income.

He said: “Can you swear that it is only through acting you make your money? Those old actors you insulted in your last post are not involved in the shitty things you do. Which money do you have that you are ranting? If you know you cannot help them, don’t discourage people that want to help”.

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