Happy 54th Birthday to Nollywood Actress, Jaiye Kuti

Jaiye Kuti otherwise known as Jayeola Monje is marking her 54th birthday today with a bouquet of roses for her lovers, Praizemedia report.

Sharing stunning photos of herself, the light-skinned movie star stated that the roses are a gift to her fans and lovers for their love and prayers over the years.


The movie star opined that one rose says more than a dozen.

Making several self-declaration, Jaiye Kuti described herself as a gift from God, a bundle of joy, an experience of many beautiful things, and more.

She wrote ; “One rose ???? says more than the dozen. I’m a gift from God, I am blessed by God. I am a grace of God, I am a bundle of joy from God, and I am an experience of many beautiful things of God. I am saved by God, I am made by God, a beautiful creation of God’s handy work. I am grateful, I am thankful, I am happy to be of God. It’s another beautiful year lad!es and gentlemen. Here are roses for every one of you for your love, prayers over the years. Thanks for trusting me, thanks for believing in me, thanks for trusting me in every way. Eseun ooooo eyin’ eyan Olorun. Modupe oooo”.

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