‘I will never watch your movie again’ – Drama as Fans Drag Actress Jaiye Kuti after slaming Nollywood veterans for begging money online

Mixed reactions have been trialling a video of actress Jaiye Kuti slamming Nollywood veterans for begging for money online, Praizemedia report.

Jaiye Kuti lamented the trends of Nollywood veterans crying for help online over their deteriorating conditions financially and healthwise. The actress decried the alarming rate at which their cry for help is damaging the image of the Yoruba movie industry.


Jaiye Kuti noted that many of them did not plan for their future. Instead, they spent their youthful earnings on shortlived pleasures.

She, however, claimed that she is not against raising funds for health issues, but she is against tarnishing the image of the Yoruba film industry by crying for basic needs.

The video generated mixed reviews online as many supported the actress for speaking the truth while others condemned her for speaking such about her senior colleagues.

One Sirfetty wrote, “But most of them are not too healthy do you want them to die in silence… People helping them are not complaining.”

Ire Pictures wrote, “I’m a theatre practitioner and I can tell you for a fact that Aunty Jaye spoke the bitter truth… No association is responsible for your well-being.”

One glint beauty wrote, “She actually made a lot of sense! Everyone you are looking up to also has responsibilities, and Everyman should be for himself.”

“Some of those old actors lived a reckless life, they were not good to their families even their fans.
Some of them turned themselves to mini gods when they were in their prime while some were actually victims of circumstances.
Well , i hope they all find favour as they make their requests,” Elle banky wrote.

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