‘So you leave Lanko because of this young man’– Fans react as Mama No Network gush on her lover

Mama No Network, a highly acclaimed comedic actress known for her hilarious acts and quick humor, recently took to social media to openly express her deep affection and admiration for her husband, Praizemedia report.

Using her online platforms, she shared a genuinely heartwarming display of love that left her followers touched and delighted.


In a heartfelt post shared across her numerous social media accounts, Mama No Network treated her fans to a delightful video showcasing herself and her husband, exuding sheer joy and an unmistakable connection of love.

Alongside the video, she wrote, “I do know some things . I know I love you . I know you love me #mamanonetworkday @toluwanidare.”

The post immediately caught the eye of fans and followers, who were delighted to witness this touching side of the beloved actress.

The comments section was flooded with an outpouring of love and support, as people praised Mama No Network for her genuine display of affection and expressed their admiration for the couple’s profound connection.

It is noteworthy that Mama No Network, who had been separated from her colleague Lanko Omo Dubia for a considerable period, recently tied the knot with her new partner in an intimate wedding ceremony that took place a few weeks ago.

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