“Itara Lo Shey Mi, I’m Deeply Sorry” – Gospel Singer Funke Glorious calls for peace as she make amends, days after dragging Yinka Alaseyori

Nigerian gospel singer, Funke Glorious has tendered an apology to her colleague, Yinka Alaseyori, Praizemedia report.

Pm reported that Funke had called out Yinka Alaseyori over copyright infringement.

In a video captured online, Funke had called out Yinka for allegedly stealing her song.


She noted how Yinka was used to stealing her colleagues’ songs and would pretend to be innocent.

Calling on her people close to the singer to warn her, Funke made it known that her silence isn’t stupidity as she has a copyright of her songs.

Anybody who knows her should warn her. When you do something bad, you wouldn’t talk about it, you would keep quiet. What rubbish is that in this industry? You did it the first, second, and now the third. Did they swear for you?

If I choose to keep quiet, it isn’t because I am stup!d. I have copyright of my songs”.

In a new update, Funke Glorious has called for peace to reign, while apologizing to Yinka.

She stated that she was overwhelmed by her emotions hence why she uttered words that don’t portray her Christian values.

Funke declared Yinka Alaseyori as her sister who she is a die-hard fan of.

“I FUNKE GLORIOUS Acknowledge that I was overwhelmed by my emotions hence I uttered words that were handed over to me in a good light and for this act of mine, I’m deeply sorry! Minister Adeyinka Alaseyori is like a sitter to me, I have always been supportive and a die-hard fan before the misunderstanding surfaced. I do not wish for her fall, neither am I envious of her. LET PEACE REIGN”.

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