“I Sold Everything I have When I was Sick please help me”– Actor Alapini Osha Shares His Story That Will Make you Almost shed tears

Renowned veteran actor, Alapini Osha, has finally had an encounter with comic actor Ckamo Studio, Praizemedia report.

Ckamo earnestly appeals to his followers worldwide, urging them to assist Alapini Osha in acquiring a car for himself.


In an emotionally charged narrative, Alapini Osha shares a heart-wrenching story that nearly brought tears to my eyes. Speaking in the Yoruba language, he reveals that he had owned cars in the past.

However, his eldest son, who was over 40 years old, fell ill, and he dedicated all his resources to his son’s treatment. Unfortunately, despite his efforts and financial sacrifices, he lost his son. This tragic event left him bereft of his vehicles and returned him to a state of having nothing. May the Almighty spare us from experiencing illnesses that necessitate the sale of our possessions.

Pm Recalled That A video has surfaced online featuring Kamo, a popular comedian known as “Nepa Boys,” and Fatai Adekunle Adetayo, also known as Lalude, on a movie set.

Kamo was seen speaking in the Yoruba language, pleading with his fans to kindly assist Lalude in obtaining a car so that he can stop relying on motorcycles for transportation.


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