“The Man That Dis.virgin Me, The man that changed me from girl to woman and opened my eyes” – Portable’s wife, Zainab hails him In New Video

Zainab Badmus, the wife of singer Portable has showered him with praises as she appreciated him for all his efforts, Praizemedia report.

Taking to his Instagram page, Zainab credited him for opening her eyes, exposing her, and changing her from a girl to a woman.


Describing him as her Zaddy, honey pie, and small daddy, she appreciated him for all his efforts.

She wrote ; “The man that opened my eyes, to the man that exposed me. The man that change me from a girl to a woman. My Zaddy, my honey pie, my small daddy. Oko Omobewaji I appreciate you Okomi. When I said he is my joy giver that’s just it. You’re the real man thanks for giving me a beautiful life to live. Thanks for all you have done in my life okomi. Forever is the deal”.

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