“See As Iya Gbonkan Set Up Her Parlor Like A Palace” – See The Beautiful Parlor And Room Of Iya Gbonkan

A video circulating on social media captures Pastor Gabriel in the company of furniture men, delivering newly constructed chairs to Iya Gbonkan’s new house. In the footage, Pastor Gabriel proudly states that the chairs cost 200,000 Naira and are of high quality, Praizemedia report.

Additionally, a television and fans can be seen being arranged inside the house.


Iya Gbonkan is visibly filled with joy and laughter as everything is being organized within her room. This heartwarming gesture highlights the progress being made in setting up her new home.

In a previous report, it was mentioned that renowned Fuji singer Saheed Osupa had displayed his generosity by extending a helping hand to Iya Gbonkan.

During a fundraising event organized by Pastor Agbala Gabriel to support Iya Gbonkan, Saheed Osupa graciously contributed 300,000 Naira. The funds raised were dedicated to completing a second flat in the veteran actress’s house, with Pastor Gabriel having already completed the construction of one flat.

Saheed Osupa’s unexpected act of kindness towards his fellow industry colleague, Iya Gbonkan, demonstrates his unwavering support and care for others within the entertainment community.

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