“Forgive Your Dad and Stop This Nonsense, Your mother can never be a father” – Fans drag Skit maker Twinz love for celebrating their mother on Father’s day

Twinz Love, the popular Instagram comedians, recently found themselves at the center of a social media storm after celebrating their mother on Father’s Day, Praizemedia report.

The duo’s decision to honor their mother and acknowledge her unwavering dedication and love.


They wrote, ” Happy Father’s Day to my Mom and all the single moms out there, who for whatever reason had to hold it down twice as hard. You deserve a celebration evervdav, You fought through for us, stood by us alone, raised us alone, you are a champion. …

You are the best parent a child could ever have Mom,Fathers are Heroes; thanks for being our Hero, Iya ibeji????‍????‍???? @princess_adeyinka_ we love you so very much let’s face it you’re the best dad”.

While the duo’s intention was to acknowledge their mother’s remarkable contributions, their unconventional tribute faced a wave of backlash from fans.

Critics argued that the essence of Father’s Day lies in celebrating fathers even though he’s not in their life and that a mother can never fully replace or embody the role of a father.

See reactions below:

– Your mother can never be a father !!!

– Atleast your mom didn’t impregnated herself… forgive your father and wish him Father’s Day

– whatever happened between your mom and dad is their business and i understand there are deadbeat fathers but your mom didn’t get herself pregnant for fuck sake!
It’s Father’s Day and it should be set aside and it also comes with forgiveness for every hurt! That man is the reason y’all are here– lol, Truth Dey bitter sha, My dad stopped caring for us since secondary school, My mom saw all of us 3 through university.And that doesn’t mean I should ignore my dad ,Infact I still posted him on my status today wishing him .at times I wish to forget him and change my surname but I couldn’t no matter how hard I try .Do you know why it’s hard to hate him ? Lol
Of course he is my father and his blood runs through me ????that blood bond won’t let me hate him ..If you can hate and forget your dad so easily then I think you should sit iya ibeji and ask her who your true father is bcos I doubt if you guys share his blood .. No hates it’s all love nd light here ????

– If your daddy is still alive, forgive the poor man please ???? I believe by now he would have learned his lesson, this life is vanity ???????????????????????????? God bless your mum for being there for you guys all through

– If you can’t forgive your father ,then how do you expect God to forgive you guys…..soon you will understand

– So funny how Una mama Dey teach u all this , Una go understand later , make Una wait till one of Una marry , and moreover, a responsible family will never allow any of Una marry their son, shading ur father online , definitely ur father in law will be nothing to u????

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