‘Edakun eranmi lowo, I also need a car’– Veteran Actor, Pariolodo cries for help

In a deeply emotional plea, veteran actor Pariolodo has courageously opened up about the numerous challenges he is currently facing, Praizemedia report.

With an illustrious career spanning decades, Pariolodo is widely recognized for his exceptional talent and immense contributions to the entertainment industry. Now, he finds himself in a position where he has reached out to the public for support, and the response has been nothing short of overwhelming.


With a sense of vulnerability and humility, Pariolodo recently shared the current state of his long-awaited dream house, revealing the hardships he has encountered in its construction. This revelation not only showcases the depth of his aspirations but also highlights the immense effort he has put into bringing this vision to life.

Moreover, Pariolodo has disclosed the urgent need for a reliable mode of transportation, particularly a car. He has shed light on the difficulties he faces in commuting to work and attending various industry events. These challenges not only impact his professional life but also create limitations in his personal life, making it harder for him to engage with the industry and connect with his colleagues.

Despite the adversities he is currently experiencing, Pariolodo’s heartfelt appeal has resonated with numerous individuals. Industry colleagues and well-wishers have been moved by his sincerity and have come forward to extend their compassion and assistance. Their response has shown the power of unity and support within the entertainment community, demonstrating how a collective effort can make a significant difference in the life of a revered artist like Pariolodo.

The video accompanying Pariolodo’s plea captures his raw emotions, as he speaks with utmost sincerity about his dreams, challenges, and the urgent need for help. It serves as a powerful reminder of the struggles many artists face behind the scenes, highlighting the importance of solidarity and support in times of need.

Pariolodo’s bravery in sharing his story and reaching out for assistance has sparked a wave of empathy and compassion within the industry and beyond. It serves as an inspiration for individuals to come together, support one another, and uplift those who have dedicated their lives to bringing joy and entertainment to audiences worldwide.

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