“12.5kg Will Serve For 3 Weeks” – Talented Mechanic Uses Cooking Gas to Run Generator, Video Goes Viral

A mechanic has gone viral after he devised a means to use cooking gas to run a generating set, Praizemedia report.

Twitter user, Pastor Okezie J Atani, posted the video showing how the generator ran smoothly using cooking gas as an energy source.


Explaining how the generator works by using cooking gas, the mechanic said the fuel tap is removed, and another device is attached to the generator and connected to the gas cylinder.

He showed a 12.5kg gas cylinder connected to the generator and said if it is filled, it could last for as long as three weeks.

He said using cooking gas to run generators is more cost-effective than using petroleum motor spirit.

The mechanic who is in Owerri said:

You can now use your cooking gas instead of fuel. You know PMS is very expensive. As you can see, the generator is running smoothly. It is real and the safety is guaranteed.”

A litre of PMS is sold above N500 per litre in Nigeria, while cooking gas is sold at N700 per kilogram in some cities, such as Port Harcourt.

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