See The Neverseen Video Of Late Actor, Murphy Afolabi’s House In Osogbo! They Reveal What He Did Before He Died

A previously unseen video of the late Murphy Afolabi’s house in Osogbo has surfaced, providing insights into the actor’s final days before his untimely demise, Praizemedia report.

The exclusive footage sheds light on the activities and preparations undertaken by the actor before his passing, leaving viewers intrigued by the revelations.


The video showcases the late Murphy Afolabi’s residence, offering a glimpse into his personal space and the environment he lived in. It also unveils aspects of his daily routines and captures moments that depict his last endeavors before his tragic departure.

The undisclosed details presented in the footage have piqued curiosity, leaving fans and followers eager to understand the significance of these final undertakings. The revelations hold the potential to provide a deeper understanding of the late actor’s life and the circumstances surrounding his passing.

As the unseen video sheds light on Murphy Afolabi’s house in Osogbo and discloses his activities before his untimely demise, it offers a poignant glimpse into the life and legacy of the beloved actor.

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