“Oga oo, Trust Nobody” – Drama As Blogger Exposed Muslim Singer Saoty Arewa Caught sleeping With His Sister Daughter, Accused By His Ex wife

Alhaji Abdul-Salam Azeez Abiodun Ajiroba, popularly known as Saoty Arewa, is an Islamic singer who was accused of being a careless guy and having a sexual relationship with his sister’s daughter by his ex-wife, Praizemedia report.

The Islamic musician Saoty Arewa acknowledges in a viral video that pm acquired that he had s3x with his sister’s daughter, who had known him since she was a young child.


She claimed he confessed to having slept with her out of love for her after being accused by her sister.

The former spouse also says that Saoty Arewa’s sister cursed him for what he did.

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