The Real Story Behind the murder of Timothy by A Wealthy Man In Ile Ife, Dr Rahmon Adedoyin Who Owns an Hotel in Osun State and Was Sentences to Death by Hanging

The man in this video is Dr Rahmon Adedoyin, a very wealthy man who owns the Hilton Hotel, The Polytechnic of Ife, Oduduwa University in Ile-Ife, Praizemedia report.

He used innocent people who lodge at his hotel for money Rituals, the last one was Timothy Adegoke a PG student of OAU Ife who lodged in November 2021.


Timothy called his wife few hours before he was k!lled to inform her of the hotel he had lodged so he could catch his exam the next day.

This was what exposed the evil-doer. Adedoyin was sentenced to death by hanging today for the mu*der of Timothy….

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