Nigerian man spots his girlfriend on date with another guy, tests her with video call

An interesting drama played out at an eatery after a Nigerian guy caught his girlfriend on a date with another man, Praizemedia report.

He spotted her from a distance and decided to sit afar while she interacted happily with her date.


However, in a bid to let her know that he knows she was cheating, he contacted her through video call and she positioned the camera in such a way that only her face was showing.

She was smiling and speaking with her boyfriend not knowing that he could see her at that point in time, so he decided to minise the screen and invert the camera so that he could film her during the video chat.

When she saw herself and the other guy on her phone, it dawned on her that she was being watched. She looked around the eatery and eventually locked eyes with her man who then stood up to leave.

The lady approached him with pitiful eyes trying to beg and explain, but he was not willing to listen so he stormed out of the place.

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