“Ejor, Don’t Kneel Down for Me” – Actress Ayo Mogaji Tells Actress Lizzy Anjorin When She Tried to Disgrace Her At A Occasion

Nollywood actress Ayo Mogaji recently made headlines when she politely declined fellow actress Lizzy Anjorin’s attempt to kneel down for her at the naming ceremony of Niyi Johnson’s son, Praizemedia report.

The incident took place in Lagos, Nigeria, and has generated a lot of buzz on social media and in the Nigerian entertainment industry.According to reports, Lizzy Anjorin had attempted to kneel down for Ayo Mogaji as a sign of respect, but Ayo Mogaji quickly intervened and told her not to do so. The incident was captured on camera and has since gone viral on social media, with many people commending Ayo Mogaji for her humility and grace.


In an interview with the media, Ayo Mogaji explained that she had no desire to be treated like a queen and that everyone in the entertainment industry was equal.

She stated that she respected Lizzy Anjorin as a colleague and that there was no need for her to kneel down for her. Ayo Mogaji’s actions have been widely praised, with many people expressing admiration for her down-to-earth attitude and selflessness.

The incident has also sparked a conversation about respect and humility in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Many people have pointed out that there is a tendency for some celebrities to demand special treatment and act like they are above others in the industry. Ayo Mogaji’s actions serve as a reminder that humility and respect are important values that should be upheld by everyone, regardless of their status or position.

The incident involving Ayo Mogaji and Lizzy Anjorin has been a topic of discussion in the Nigerian entertainment industry, with many people applauding Ayo Mogaji for her humility and grace. The incident serves as a reminder that respect, humility, and selflessness are important values that should be upheld by everyone in the industry, and that everyone is equal regardless of their status or position.


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