“The industry will do anything to see you fall” – Actress, Nkechi Blessing reacts to colleague Adunni Ade being called out at Murphy Afolabi Fidau Prayer

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing has reacted to her colleague Adunni Ade being called out over an alleged debt of N250,000, Praizemedia report.

Adunni Ade made headlines a few days ago when some Islamic clerics, during the late Nollywood actor Murphy Afolabi’s firdau prayer, accused her of owing him N250,000.


According to the clerics, who claim to be members of Murphy’s burial committee, he had paid Adunni Ade the money for a role in his movie before his sudden passing.

However, Adunni Ade has now come forward to deny the allegations, stating that she had already refunded Murphy Afolabi’s money prior to his death.

Adunni explained that Murphy Afolabi had approached her for a job in 2021 and paid her the sum of N150,000. However, she was unable to proceed with the job due to the death of her brother.

She said that she requested his account number and promptly refunded the N150,000 when he attempted to make another agreement with her.

In response to the saga, Nkechi Blessing took to Adunni Ade’s comment section to express her support.

She noted that when someone becomes disliked in the movie industry, those in positions of power will go to great lengths to see them fall.

“If they don hate person for that their industry they will go to any length to see that person fall. Thank God say man no be God…. It’s well!”

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