“Iku Doro, see what death cause”– Actress Wumi Toriola react to Adunni Ade’s Public disgrace

Earlier today, Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade was publicly called out for allegedly owing late actor, Murphy Afolabi, Praizemedia report.

During his 8-day Fidau Prayer held in his honor, his burial committee called out the actress for being indebted to Murphy Afolabi.


The committee claimed that Adunni Ade owed Murphy Afolabi N250,000 before his death.

Some people came out that Murphy owed them some money before he died. But, we have now realized that Murphy also paid someone for a job before he died. He paid Adunni Ade, Adunni Adewale N150k.

We have been corrected the amount Murphy paid Adunni Ade is N250,000. Please return the money to the burial committee as we are soliciting funds for the children of the deceased. Please we plead with you to return the money, thankyou. Please we plead with you to return the money, thankyou.

Please if you are here and you have money that belongs to Murphy, kindly return it. It shall be well with us” the committee claimed.

Responding, Wumi Toriola on Instagram wrote “No be only me see shege, Adunni shege wan pass sef, what is this, i am so angry, na death dey cause this kind thing, rest on Murphy”

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