“Now See What You Cause” – Actor Muyiwa Ademola calls out Lateef Adedimeji and Mo Bimpe for making him go against his wish (Video)

Muyiwa Ademola, a Nollywood actor, has publicly chastised his younger colleague Lateef Adedimeji and his wife, Mo Bimpe, for what they forced him to do on set, praizemedia report.

While on a movie set with the couple earlier this week, Muyiwa, who had promised never to wear contact lenses, had to give them up to placate them.

Muyiwa stated this on his Instagram page while bemoaning the hardship of filmmaking.

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He admitted that the job is difficult, and that he is sensitive to everything that comes close to his eyes.

He explained how he was forced to wear it after the star and his wife made it mandatory.

“Nothing is just easy about this job..I really can’t stand anything coming close to my eyes but on this set @adedimejilateef and his queen @mo_bimpe said I must wear this contact lenses and I had no choice. To wear na war, to remove na Wahala

“Fere side mi Olorun Eledumare” Muyiwa wrote.

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