“I’m sure they won’t cheat on me because I satisfy all their needs and On Bed” – Woman who Marry three husbands at The same Time says (video)

A woman, identified simply as Nellie, has shared the surprising story of how she married three husbands after the death of her first husband, praizemedia report.

The woman, said to be a car dealer who imports cars from Dubai, is the first woman to marry multiple husbands in her community. She said she lost her first husband in a car accident after eight years of marriage and two children.

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Following his death, she fell in love with his brother, Hassan, and married him. She also picked two more husbands and married them at separate times.

The woman, who has been living with her three husbands for three years, revealed in a documentary on Afrimax English that there is peace and harmony between the men, and they never fight.

She said she fends for their large family because she is the only one who runs a full-time business. She added that she believes they won’t cheat on her because she meets all of their needs, both financially and in bed.

She said, “My name is Nellie, and I am the village record holder in this area with three husbands. I have lived with these three men as my husbands for three years. I had a husband with whom we were together for eight years who died in a car accident.

“After he died, I was left with his brother, Hassan, and we continued living in the same house as before my late husband died. He showed me love, and I ended up falling for him.”

“Living with three men makes me feel very happy, and I can confirm that my men are also happy because they have everything they want, and I’m sure they wouldn’t cheat on me because I believe I satisfy their needs”, she concluded.


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