“I’m so Angry right now”– Rotimi Salami’s wife cries for help over….

Nollywood actor, Rotimi Salami’s wife, Jumoke Salami has cried out for help after getting swindled, Praizemedia report.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Jumoke recounted how she had contacted a man and paid him in full to help get her bike documents.


Unknowingly that the man is corny, he told her to pick her documents at different locations, which she did but was left disappointed when she was told the man was yet to pay those in charge.

After going back and forth with him, she was able to get majority of the documents and learnt that the man was a chronic liar and deceiver.

However, one of her documents is still left with him and she has left everything to God.

“So I paid this LANRE guy to do my bike documents… He told me they will take 2days to get ready…. 2days later this guy sent me loads of locations for me to go and be picking front he document to the other!! I got so angry cos it’s not done this way but I kept cool! After going 3 locations to collect my documents I buzzed him for the remaining and woooola…. He said I’m to collect it in one of those locations I went and he didn’t inform me! I put a call through to the man and he told me LANRE is yet to pay him for that document but I should come again he will do it for me… I went the follow day and it was in my presence the man called LANRE asking about money he said he will see him! He sent another Alauy address to collect my MOT….

I didn’t complain I drove down…but the man refused to see me cos he said he wants to stop collecting LANRE’s job cos of money issues! Eventually he also did it for me and in my presence also he too called LANRE asking for money for my own document….and he said he will settle him. Now one last document is with him…the person I got the bike from told me she has that document and there was no need to do it again since that particular document doesn’t need renewal…. I called LANRE now and he’s telling he already paid the VIO to do the document since…same you that everyone has been complaining about you not paying on time! Like my husband said, the money is gone but this is his number/business line…….help me call him, whatever comes to your head and mouth say to him on my behalf”.

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