“I Miss Her,We wept uncontrollably and you prayed for me to be a father” – Actor Adeniyi Johnson recounts last moment with late sister as he marks her posthumous birthday

It is a painful time for actor, Adeniyi Johnson as his only sister, Aderonke isn’t alive to see the twins she has fervently prayed for, praizemedia report.

Taking to his Instagram page to mark her post humous birthday, Johnson revealed that on his sister’s birthday in 2018, they had wept uncontrollably on the phone and she had prayed for him to become a father on her next birthday.

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Unfortunately, his sister didn’t get to see her next birthday as she gave up the ghost that same year.

Adeniyi noted how his only sister would have been the happiest woman on earth over the news of his twins’ birth.

He stated that she would have been the one to bathe the kids, spoil them with gifts and many more.

This I write with tears in my heart…. Egbon mi owon on your birthday in 2018 we both wept uncontrollably on the phone with you praying for me to be a father on your next birthday which is 2019. We both never knew it was your last birthday on earth. Sister mi ADERONKE… If you were alive I am sure you would have been the happiest person on earth. Would be the one to bath the twins, rock them and buy them all you can because I know how much you wanted your brother’s kids…. Who are we to question God??? He knows best and I believe he took you to rest in a better place!!! Happy post humous birthday ti the only sister I had… myself and your kids love you but God loves you more… ADERONKE I AM A FATHER!!!!”.

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