“I Really need a man In My Life” – 52-year-old actress Shaffy Bello spills as she battles loneliness (Video)

In a recent statement, popular Nollywood actress Shaffy Bello has managed to stir reactions among netizens as she reveals one of her most important needs in life at the moment, praizemedia report.

52-year-old Shaffy Bello, a divorcee while on actress Mercy Aigbe YouTube cooking known as Mercy’s Menu disclosed that she is need of a man, a male companion.


This reaction from Shaffy Bello comes after Mercy Johnson asked her if she would like to get married. Shaffy Bello noted that she would be fulfilled if she has a man in her life as she doesn’t want to be lonely again.

Undoubtedly, Shaffy Bello is one of the most successful Nollywood actress, she is well known for her roles in Chief Daddy, Elesin Oba, Shanty Town, Mama Drama among others.

Note that Shaffy Bello in 1995 married to Mr. Akinrimisi, a Nigerian living in the US, despite the fact that her husband adored her and permitted her to go back and forth between Nigeria and the United States to protect her acting career, the actress because of her career left the marriage at the age of 45 and returned to Lagos as at that time her daughter was 13 and her son was 11.

In the Mercy’s Menu show, Shaffy Bello said she doesn’t want to be 55-year-old and be alone as she would always like to go to party then be with her man at such age. She however noted that she needs a companion and not a marriage.

She said; “I want to settle with someone at the end of the day, I don’t want to be 55 and then go out or have a birthday party and then come home and be all alone, I don’t want that. I want to be with someone, maybe not marriage, but a companion.”

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