Meet 5 Beautiful Nigerian Comediennes Who Dress As Old Women On Set But Slay Like Models In Reality

Undebatably, the Nigerian entertainment sector is fast becoming the number one site for entertainment all over Africa in terms of movie production, music and comedy improvements, praizemedia report.

The comedy show industry in Nigeria is one of the biggest in the entertainment industry and in the past few years, a lot of new characters has emerged with amazing talents and has been keeping people entertained since then.


Just for entertainment purposes, a lot of beautiful Nigerian comediennes usually transform themselves into old looking characters because of the roles they play. Due to that, they look almost 2 or 3 times older than their real age and many people don’t really know that they look very different in reality.

In this article, we will be talking about the top 5 most popular young comediennes who dress up and act as old characters but slays and look good like professional models in reality.

1. Mommy Wa: The number one on the list is Kemi Ikuseedun popularly known as “Mrs. Macaroni, Kemz Mama Or Mommy Wa”.Kemi Ikuseedun was born on the 29th of September 1996 and she originally hails from Lagos State, Nigeria.

The 24 years old star plays mostly the role of a 35-50 years old character and as the wife of Mr. Macaroni, the popular Nigerian comedian.While on set, Mommy Wa most times looks old because of her character but in reality, she slays in lovely outfits like a professional model in reality.Apart from acting, Kemi Ikuseedun is a model, influencer and a certified accountant. She graduated from Bells University, Ota.

Many people think Mr Macaroni is the real boyfriend to Mommy Wa but it’s totally wrong. She is in a relationship with her fellow comedian, Ismail Adebayo popularly known as Bae U.

2. Ada Jesus: The number 2 on the list is Chinonso Ukah popularly known as “Ada Jesus or Nons Miraj” online.Chinonso Ukah was born 27th of May 1995 in Lagos State, Nigeria but originally hails from the Eastern part of the country, Abia State.

The 26 years old talented comedienne mostly play the role of an old character and she is known for usually using voodoo to neutralize anyone who insult or disagree with her in most skits.On set, Chinonso Ukah looks like she’s between the age of 35-45 because of her dressing but in reality, she dresses like a professional model and slay like a Queen.Chinonso Ukah graduated from Babcock University in 2018 with a degree in public administration and she has also served in the NYSC. Apart from comedy business, Chinonso is a singer, model and influencer.

3. Dirty Grandma:- The number three on the list is Dickson Ruth popularly known as “Dirty Grandma or Vipers Grandma”.

Dickson Ruth was born on the 17th of January (Year of birth unknown) and she hails from Warri Delta State, Nigeria.

Ruth acts mostly as a crazy and crackhead old lady in most of the comedy skit she is featured in and she also plays the role of a grandmother to popular comedian, viper the wiper.On set, Dickson Ruth looks old but in reality, she knows how to slay like a model and look stunning in casual outfits.Apart from acting, Ruth is a graduate and she is also a professional actress and script writer.

4. Maraji: The number 4 on the list is Gloria Oloruntobi popularly known as “Maraji or Mama Maraji” as well.Gloria was born on the 6th of February 1997 and she hails from Edo State, Nigeria but grew up in Lagos State with her only sister and sibling.

She plays many roles which is mostly switching roles and becoming up to 3-5 person all in one skit.Apart from making comedy skits, Maraji is a video vixen and a graduate of international relation from Covenant University, Nigeria.

5. Anozie Chiamaka Beryl: The 5th and last on the list is the hilarious Anozie Chiamaka Beryl also know as “Sister Agatha or Oje N’mmuo”.

Anozie Chiamaka Beryl was born on the 25th of April (Year of birth unknown). She keeps her life private and not much is known about her despite her huge and growing fan base.

Chiamaka Beryl is known for how she hilariously change character and how she remake old gospel song also with with way they dress in the music videos in the old days.Chiamaka look old, weird and funny on set of her comedy skits but in reality, she knows what fashion is about and she slays like a queen.Apart from comedy, Chiamaka is a lip sinc singer, influencer and model. She is also a graduate from a Nigerian university.

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