“I was a Bus conductor and a Plantain Seller Before God Miraculously Connected me to Odunlade Adekola in Mushin” – Actor Tunde Owokoniran Says

Babatunde Owokoniran is a Yoruba actor in Nollywood. If you aren’t familiar with Yoruba films, you may not recognize him, praizemedia report.

Since he was mentored by Odunlade Adekola, he appears often in Odunlade Adekola’s films.

His journey from conductor to plantain seller to actor is a fascinating one.

Tunde dropped out of school and began looking for a way to make a living. After a long search, he decided to join the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Ojuelegba.

Tunde started out as a bus driver, which was not his first choice. Tunde, like most conductors, could only manage to eat and dress himself.He slept under a bridge or on the bus because he couldn’t afford to rent an apartment.

A heated confrontation with his driver caused him to leave after just a few months on the job.

Tunde eventually decided to go into market trading, specifically plantain selling. He would buy plantain at Mushin’s Ojuwoye market and then resell it at another market.

The company was immensely beneficial to him financially, and it was much superior to his previous position. He encountered Odunlade Adekola, luckily, while he was anchoring a local meeting in Mushin.


Tunde approached him and asked for his assistance in furthering his acting career, which Odunlade agreed to after a brief conversation.

Odunlade Adekola later offered him a role in a film, and he performed admirably. Babatunde Owokoniran has continued to develop professionally and personally since then.

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