“Don’t Mind Funke, she never allows her late mother to visit her, she is a wicked woman” – Actress Funke Akindele’s domestic staff spills Shocking Secret (Audio)

One of popular Nollywood actress Funke Akindele’s domestic staff who works with her as a chef in the kitchen department calls her out and by extension refers to her as a wicked woman following the death of her mother, praizemedia report.

Recall on February 7th, 2023, Intel Region reported that Funke Akindele lost her mother, Dr RB Adebanjo-Akindele to the cold hands of death.

Funke Akindele while reacting to the death of her mother pens a lengthy note describing how much she is going to miss her biological mother who just passed away.

Reacting to Funke Akindele post on how much she misses her late mother, one of the domestic staff who formerly works with the actress before he left accused Funke Akindele of lying as he alleges that Funke never allowed her mum to visit her throughout the time he was working with her.

According to our source, he started working with Funke in 2016, then she hasn’t married to JJC Skillz but were together in a relationship and still staying at Ikate in Lekki before moving to Amen estate.

Narrating his experience about Funke Akindele relationship with her late mother, our source alleges that there was a time Funke Akindele was shooting a movie, her mother keeps calling her, she refused to pick and further tells the security man never to allow her mother comes in through the gate as she perfectly described the how her car looks.

Our source added that, the woman (Funke Akindele’s mother) later arrived while she was on set, and she came out boldly and tells her that she must not enter and everyone were shocked that day, even her sister whom he referred to as “Mama” was also left in a surprised mood.

Describing Funke Akindele as a very wicked woman, he said, “When I was with her, I did an advert and act a chef, despite all my cookings for people and participation
she didn’t give me anything and I left. Even the salary she is owing me, she never gibe me up till today.”


He also backs up his points, as he recounted the moment Funke Akindele raises eyebrows as she slaps a old woman who makes a mistake while doing her make up on a movie as he noted that woman later cried and left.

He however concluded that she has started seeing Funke Akindele messages these days since she is contesting for the Lagos State deputy Governor ahead of the 2023 general election.

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