“How Can a 12-Year-Old Die Like That?” Mum Calls Out Chrisland School as Daughter Dies at Inter-House Sports [video]

A Nigerian mother, Blessing Adeniran, is seeking justice for her 12-year-old daughter, Whitney Adeniran, a student of Chrisland school, who lost her life during the school’s inter-house sports competition,praizemedia report.

In a sad video shared online, Mrs Blessing Adeniran narrated that her daughter, Desola Whitney Adeniran had attended her school’s inter-house sports, last Thursday, February 9th. She said she was at the event when she noticed that her daughter was nowhere to be found during the match past and other activities. “During the match past, I looked, first house matched, I didn’t see my child. Second house matched, I didn’t see my child. Third house matched, I didn’t see my child. I became worried”, she said. She launched a search for her daughter immediately and was told by a student that her daughter had fainted. She stated that no teacher of staff called or mentioned what had happened to her. She met a staff after hearing the news, and the staff mentioned to her that Whitney had been rushed to the hospital.


On getting to the hospital where her daughter was rushed to, she met her corpse there. She said up till now, the school has not opened up to her on what happened to her.

“I went in there and saw my daughter’s corpse. I saw my daughter on her deathbed. She was already dead when I saw her. She was drenched and soaked to her skin. Water was dripping out. I screamed, I called on God. I shouted. I called on God”, she cried.

The distraught mum said the school claims her 12-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest and slumped.

Mrs Adeniran said her daughter was not sick and never had any pre-existing heart condition and wonders why she would suffer a cardiac arrest.

In her words:

“How can a 12-year-old have cardiac arrest? No pre-existing medical or heart condition. Even if they claim it was cardiac arrest, how can one single arrest kill a healthy teenager?”She is demanding the school comes clean to her with regards to what really happened to her child so she can bury her child in peace.


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