“They are Using it For Ritual, Close Down the School” – Mum Cries Out after Finding Out that Her Daughter’s Hair Was Scraped at School

A heartbroken mother has shared her pain on social media after the hair of her two-year-old daughter was scraped in school, praizemedia report.

According to the woman, she took her daughter to school, and when she returned to pick her up, she noticed that the backside of her hair was scraped.Not only that, she also noticed that there was an incision of two lines at the part where the hairs were removed.She rushed to the school to lay complaints and the school claimed there was no CCTV footage to review the incident. According to them, the camera didn’t work on that particular day.


Sharing her pain online, the sad mother said:

My two-year-old daughter is attending sunshine group of school. I took my child to school yesterday morning and nothing happened to her. Then I went to church.
“I went to school to pick her and realised someone has scraped my baby’s hair at the back and incision two lines at the spot. Please help me they are telling me that their CCTV didn’t work yesterday. The school authorities are not doing anything about finding the person who did it.Oya provide the hair that you scrapped, they couldn’t provide. Who put an incision in her hair? No explanation. Let’s see the CCTV. It’s not working. These people want to see crazy.


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