“Don’t Forgive Her, She’s Rude” – Comedian Prankster Trinity Guy receives several slaps from His girlfriend after pranking her with a car & N1M, ends 5 years relationship (Watch)

In the video trending online, the prankster, Trinity Guy decided to prank her girlfriend with a car and N1M and that was just the beginning, praizemedia report.

Trinity Guy in the video decided to prank her girlfriend using her friend, Simi who stays in the same house with her and also a man drives in the car into the compound.

Trinity Guy had told Simi that he wanted to surprise his girlfriend wit the car and further tells her to make her blindfolded then brings her out.

Upon bringing her out, Simi later removed the piece of cloth used in blindfolding her, then Trinity surprised his girlfriend with the car with the car keys.

Trinity girlfriend upon seeing the guy becomes over excited as she expresses her utmost revealing how much she has in need of a car.

The atmosphere in the environment oozes absolutely nothing but positive energy until a man comes in and drive out the car from the house.

Reacting to this, the girlfriend mood changes and started asking what happens to her that was driven out and in return Trinity Guy says he was only pranking her.

This got the girlfriend enraged and wasted no time to land a thunderous slap on his boyfriend, Trinity Guy and further gets into heated.

Expressing her utmost displeasure, the Trinity girlfriend rained heavy curses on the prankster as she noted that he was only dating her because of her friend Simi.

The young lady who has suffered an emotional damaged due to Prank accuses Trinity Guy of being a bad person then further tells him to leave her house as the relationship between them is over. She added that she only wanted to managed the car.While her friend Simi was trying to calm her down, she went more aggressive and lands series of slaps on Trinity Guy and pushed him continuously away from the house.

Responding to the aggressive actions poured on him by his girlfriend, Trinity guy uttered that the was truly meant for her disclosing that it was only parked outside the house as it’s a prank between him and the guy that drives out the car the other time.


Speaking on how his girlfriend slaps him, rained insults and curses as well as how she berated the car in the first place, Trinity Guy said the 5 years relationship between them is over.

All attempts by Simi and the girlfriend to console Trinity Guy was futile as he later drives away disclosing its over.

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