“Hijab Doesn’t mean You are a real Muslim, It’s your …..” – Actress Laide Bakare Says, Stirs Reactions

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare recently made a statement about how she wearing a hijab doesn’t represent how religious she is, praizemedia report.

In a social media post, Laide shared different photos of herself wearing a hijab and stated that wearing a hijab doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s more religious than others who don’t wear it. According to her, the hijab simply serves as a reminder that she’s a Muslim.


She wrote:”Hijab doesn’t represent how religious I am, it simply reminds me that I’m a Muslim, even when my Imaan is at lowest, wearing hijab Actually makes me more Beautiful It’s the last slide for me?which is your favorite? Happy world hijab ? day #hijabday2023.”

Her statement was met with reactions from the public, with some people agreeing with her, while others disagreed.

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