“I Wake Up to Cu.r.ses From People, I took bullets for you, was turned into a beast” – Actress Toyin Abraham fires back at Odunlade Adekola, Real Estate property, and their scam

Actress Toyin Abraham has fired back at Revolution Plus property after they tried using her colleague, Odunlade Adekola to spite her for dissociating herself from the brand due to the alleged fraudulent activities, praizemedia report.

Pouring out her heart on her Instagram story hours ago, Toyin Abraham recounted the ordeal she went through as Revolution Property’s brand ambassador and having to deal with threats, curses, and tears from victims the organization scammed through using her photos on their adverts.

Firing back at them, Toyin Abraham wrote “I am not keeping mute again, you have turned me into a beast, into an animal so deal it. Because I love and I hype you, I hype people I love with my life, I told you to sort people before we start the advert and the next thing is for you to shade me and make me look bad in the presence of people that look up to me,

“I have cried, begged, I even asked a lot of people to please beg you people that we need to know what the issue is but no you don’t care, you want me to continue doing advert so people can bring more money and not get what they paid for. …..you terminated my deal because, in your words, I reduced affection and a reluctant approach towards publicly identifying with the brand because I said it is wrong to continue posting when some people haven’t gotten what they paid for….God forbid!


Spilling further, Toyin Abraham wrote “Please keep shading me, this rime around Lagos state government will be the one to settle it cos any more shade from anyone I promise you and yes people must get their refund or what they paid for. Don’t talk, don’t talk you are a star till they will ruin someone’s life and reputation, this is the only thing I do for a living. People have issue, but rectify it and apologize and act on righting the wrong instead of moving on like nothing is wrong.”

Toyin Abraham further revealed how she wakes up to curse from victims of the Revolution plus’ fraudulent activities.

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