BBTitans “In Less than 2-Days, you Wan Kn.ack”– Netizens react as Jaypee was caught on Camera

Jaypee, one of the BBNaija session 8 “Titans” housemates, has begun socializing with a few of her housemates, Praizemedia report.

Recently, she was observed talking with Blaqboi, one of her coworkers. Jaypee claimed that viewers shouldn’t expect mature individuals to remain together for more than three months without engaging in inappropriate behavior.


If there are no cameras in the Big Brother house, Jaypee told Blaqboi, housemates will act inappropriately together. She gave the example of when both genders attend a party together and after dancing, drinking, and rocking each other at the party, you can’t expect them to act normally because they are both buzzed and the energy is high.

Jaypee said that if adults stay together for a long time, there’s every tendency that they might do naughty things together. Her statement captured people’s attention online

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