“You Too Like Witches Film” – Reactions As Actor Ibrahim Chatta set to release his first cinema movie titled ‘Òsòròngà (The Witches)’

Òsòròngà (The Witches),” a motion movie directed by Ibrahim Chatta, is scheduled for release, praizemedia report.

Ibrahim Chatta, a Nigerian actor, has announced the release of his first motion picture, ” Òsòròngà (The Witches).”

The movie “Òsòròngà (The Witches)” will begin playing in theaters on January 20th, 2023.The excellent news was shared by Ibrahim Chatta on his Instagram page, and his fans were thrilled to hear it.

He shared movie excerpts on his blog and wrote:

Brace urself. Òsòròngà is showing from on d 20th of January

He ran because he had no other choice. He feared what would happen if he dared to stop. There was no time to think. There was barely any time for him to breathe. On his broken ankle, he ran. With his bruised arms, he ran. With his bleeding sides, he ran because he knew today was the day he was meant to die………..#OSORONGA A peep into d world of mystics, a peep into d world of witches and wizards.

An Ibrahim Chatta’s production. A REALART COMMUNICATIONS MOVIE.


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