“Haa Egbami, This One Hit Me Ooo” – Actress Mercy Aigbe React To Ibrahim Yekini love up Moment with Ronke Odusanya

Itele-dicon, a well-known Yoruba film actor, recently posted new images of himself and actress Ronke Odusanya cuddling up on Instagram. The actor posted the picture of the two looking affectionately at each other on his Instagram page, Praizemedia report.

When they saw his new post, several of his fans—including Mercy Aigbe, his coworker in the film industry—were quick to react and voice their opinions on it in various ways.


He appeared in his new position with a low-cut hairstyle that suits him well. He dressed in a stylish jacket and pair of jeans, while the actress wore a vibrant ensemble. As they hugged, the two of them appeared at ease and at ease with one another.

They first connected on a film set where they will both play lovers and star in the same film together. Thanks to his talent and the parts he portrays in films, the actor has made a name for himself among Nigerian fans of Yoruba cinema and has become one of the most sought-after Yoruba movie stars.

Mercy Aigbe, a coworker in the film industry, immediately reacted after witnessing his new position and said, “Icon.” This response demonstrates that his coworker appreciates his new position with the actress as seen by her complimentary comment.

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