Real Reason Why I Changed My Name from ‘Aimakhu’ to ‘Abraham’ – Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi

Actress Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi from Nigeria is having a great year and a great time in her profession right now. Toyin Abraham is making huge withdrawals from his account, Praizemedia report.

The actress has come a long way from just playing in Yoruba movies to becoming one of Nigeria’s most lucrative movie actors and producers.


Toyin Abraham spoke candidly about the changes in her life during an interview with The Will Downtown, revealing that they all stemmed from the moment she decided to change her name from Aimakhu to Abraham.

Here are Toyin Abraham’s words.

TOYIN ABRAHAM: When I started working with FilmOne, was when I understood what royalties meant. Back then, there was nothing you could do about it with our marketers in the Yoruba industry. You act in a movie, give it to them, and they sell it in Idumota. I didn’t even know they were making money from YouTube. And when the movie comes out, they can give you between fifty to two hundred and fifty thousand naira, that was it. It was FilmOne that explained it to me. So even when I hear people saying FilmOne this and that, I’m like, when I was naive, these people opened my eyes to many things. Fine, we fight sometimes. That’s normal. I can leave the group chat five times in one month, but they laugh it off and are still there for me. When they asked me how I get paid for my movies, and I told them that I often hand it over to the marketer for a one-time fee, they introduced me to royalties and assured me that I would ‘eat it’ till I die. And it’s true. I’m still eating. I normally do five to seven million naira per feature, but there is no way you don’t consider relationships even in business. But I will put the average at five million naira.

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