“Am not Behind all of this, I don’t know who is leaking the video” – Actress Empress Njamah Fiance Finally React to Leaked S.e.x Video Allegations From His Hideout (Video)

Actress Empress Njamah fiance has finally reacted to the leaked n.u.de video from his hideout, says he’s not behind all the leaked video released online, praizemedia report.

Recall Pm reported that according to reports making rounds, Josh created a WhatsApp group, where he added multiple people and began posting private videos of Empress.

The estranged fiance posted several videos he took of her in her house, some of which were videos of her taking a bath.

In one of the videos making rounds, Josh Wade confessed that he misses the actress and his a bit confused. He also warned the embattled actress to stop spreading false rumours of him being unable to travel.


He said ; “I am just confused. I swear to God I just miss you. Seriously, I just miss you. That’s the real truth, that’s no joke. But please, stop telling people that I can’t travel. Don’t do that, I beg you please”.


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