“Some Visitors Avoided my House because it was very Ugly – Actress Regina Chukwu Reveals, Shares Video

Still basking in the euphoria of being a new house owner, actress and single mum of two, Regina Chukwu, has recounted how she didn’t receive visitors in her old house because it wasn’t beautiful, Praizemedia report.

Recall that Regina Chukwu took to her Instagram page on Thursday, December 29, 2022, to share pictures of her new house.


Regina revealed how she had to move into her father’s house following the death of her husband because she couldn’t afford rent. She also noted that she had to manage in the same room with her many siblings and parents, and had to sleep outside with her mosquito nets and more.

With a big heart of gratitude, she emphasized that “GOD DID IT!!!!

Now narrating how she built her new home from the scratch two years ago, Regina Chukwu wrote thus:

The congratulatory messages and calls have been so enormous, not to talk of those that met me personally held me, and rained prayer on me. Yesterday was full of emotions

My mommy cried, my daughter dropped one or 2 drops of tears, tho she tried so hard to hide it.

I broke down countless times yesterday listening to voice notes from friends and family and what I learned again yesterday was that PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING’ whether you do good or bad, people are low-key watching.

I come here daily to shout abt my brand @tripplerglow, some will insult, some will look away, and some will buy.
I turned my page to something some people tag as not fit for a celebrity page, but my hustle must pay cos have got mouths to feed.

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