Netizen React To Actress Mercy Johnson and Funke Akindele’s Funny Fight

Funke Akinde and Mercy Johnson, two well-known Nollywood actors, once again made people laugh with their amusing fight scene in the recently released film “Battle On Buka Street. Praizemedia report

The video shows Mercy Johnson and Funke fighting in a local kitchen with woods down to a contemporary kitchen, using Garri tuners and cooking utensils as weapons.


Head ties were pulled off as they grabbed each other firmly as the confrontation grew increasingly violent. At the very end of the video, Funke Akindele is seen biting Mercy Johnson in an effort to escape her solid hold.

Captioning the humour-triggering clip, Mercy Johnson wrote:

“Walahi, I wan use my horn chuk am but her chukwu said MBA nu


As expected, the video stirred a lot of reactions from fellow celebrities and fans who were amused and entertained by the screen goddesses’ display.

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