“What have you done again on Christmas day” – Reaction As Actor Femi Adebayo Land Lawyer Kunle into Trouble

The majority of us are quite familiar with the name Cute Abiola, praizemedia report.

He is a young man who gained notoriety as a skit creator a few years ago, and he has been succeeding ever since. Every celebrity is in the mood to celebrate Christmas, and he can’t help but feel inspired to produce content that fits the occasion.

He posted new photos of himself having a good time with Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo on his Instagram social media page. Cute Abiola and Femi Adebayo have been spotted in acting costumes, which indicates that they are getting ready for an important event. Abiola is the one portraying Father Christmas, and the most recent pictures posted show that he is in trouble.


Fans pen down their exciting comments about these pictures and you might be interested in seeing what they are saying about it.

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