“I can’t Use the Bathroom, I had to Keep the Long hair for 10 weeks because…..” – Actress Toyin Tomato Reveals Sacrifice She made for Her New Movie

Actors have to make some sacrifices and take on some physical pain and discomfort in order to interprete the roles they’re given, praizemedia report.

A lot of times, the pain is for a moment, or a day, but in the case of Toyin Abraham, her pain and discomfort lasted for over 2 months.

For her new movie, Ijakumo (The Born Again Stripper), Toyin Abraham had to put on long heavy dreadlocks and had to wear these locks for over two months. On Instagram, she made a couple of posts about it. In one, she said “I had this hair for over two months for IJAKUMO, it wasn’t easy but I’m happy because I achieved my aim???” and in another she said “To my people asking how I managed the hair, sometimes I wrap it around my waist or get someone to hold it for me???It wasn’t easy but we thank God???”.

Now in a new interview with Business Day, Toyin Abraham is talking a lot more about why she had to carry the hair for over 2 months as well as how she was able to survive carrying so much hair around. Here is what Toyin Abraham had to say.


During her interview with Business Day, Toyin Abraham was asked “In the movie you play the character Dada Awuru who carries a long dreadlock on her head, and there is a clip of the making of the movie showing you moving around with the hair as one of your assistants help you hold the hair.

How difficult was it to keep that appearance and for how long?” She responded:

It wasn’t easy, I was tired, I have a passion for acting that makes me live through the pain and the stress that comes with it. This is a movie I saw in my dream and that was the inspiration for the hair and the make-up. The character is a dada (a person born with dreadlocks) and due to some circumstances, she didn’t cut her hair for over 20 years. We shot for two months and before we started shooting I was asked to do the hair which I did two weeks before my birthday. So I kept that hair on my head and sometimes wrapped it around my body for 10 weeks. I had difficulties using the bathroom (she laughs) and also on set when it gets in contact with water and having my assistant haul the hair around for me. But I’m happy I achieved my goal despite all the discomfort. It was worth every bit of it.

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