“She’s not even shy”– reactions as Yvonne Jegede declares she did breast and other Cosmetic Surgeries

Nigerian actress Yvonne Jegede was the latest guest on fellow actress Mercy Johnson Okojie’s Youtube show, Mercy’s Menu, Praizemedia report.

During her appearance on the show, Yvonne Jegede was very honest about a lot of things. She talked about her marriage, being a single mother, comments left by trolls, and got honest about the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone.


Yvonne had a lot to say so without further ado, let’s dive right into what Yvonne Jegede had to say about her bum and the cosmetic surgeries she has actually undergone.

During her interview, Mercy Johnson asked Yvonne Jegede “What is that one thing or comment somebody has ever said that has hurt you and what was your response? What do you have to say to people who intentionally come online to hurt people’s feelings without considering how they feel?” Yvonne Jegede responded to the question saying:

There are tons of comments I’ve seen on the internet starting from my marriage till now, there are so many comments. But the comment that makes me laugh is when people say she has gone to do her bum. Is it because everybody is doing bum now, anybody who now does her body must have done bum?

I’ve done my tummy, I’ve done my boobs – I reduced my breast twice. I’ve done two liposuctions, one tummy tuck. I did a tummy tuck after I had my son. Because I like food, my stomach got big again, I had to do two liposuctions. And that’s about it. I will take fat out of my body. If my tummy gets big, I will go for another liposuction, I don’t care. But why do people just assume I did my buttocks? Is it because everybody is doing it, they’re now assuming everybody must have done it.

And it is the assurance with which they say it. The assurance with which they say it marvels me. But wait a minute, even if I did it, na you pay for am? I’ve spent almost ten million naira on my body. I did not borrow one naira from anybody. So even if I have done my buttocks, I will not be ashamed to come and say it. I wasn’t ashamed to say I did my breasts, I’m not ashamed to say it. It is me. The breast was giving me back pain and I had to reduce them. If I’m not ashamed to say I did that, why would I be ashamed to say I did my ass? Everytime I see the comment, I block it because I really can’t stand the stupidity and ignorance.

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