“Am Tired, It’s getting more difficult to abstain from s3x, I feel Like Loosing My Virginity, I want to Have S3x” – Actress Juliana Olayode Toyobaby cries out over sexual struggle (Video)

Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode has cried out over her sexual struggle, praizemedia report.

The former Jenifa Diary’s cast took to her Instagram page to lament over how she has been finding it difficult to abstain from s3x.

Juliana revealed that she has been going through a lot sexually and has been fighting with her body. She lamented over how difficult it is to abstain from s3x.


To her fans, who think she doesn’t go through sexual struggle, she made them know that she goes through worse.

In her words, she wrote ;

Your dearest sister has been going through alot, and my body has been doing gish gish gish, fighting against me and it’s almost as if I don’t know my body again.

It’s getting more difficult to abstain from s3x. Oh My God I don’t know, everything in my head is screaming sex sex sex and am like what??

The same pressure you go through, I go through, probably even worse”.

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